Πέμπτη, 1 Ιουνίου 2017


*** Various interesting theater projects-collaborations from new year 2018 , in Belarus, in Spain, in Greece, in Germany, in Russia, in Ukraine, in Georgia... Details to be announced!

*** ΔΙΗΜΕΡΟ: «ΤΑΞΙΔΙ & ΦΩΝΕΣ» Κινηματογραφικές προβολές / Φωνητικές παρουσιάσεις εργαστήρια - OPEN MEETING: “VOYAGE & VOICES” - Cinematic projections / Vocal presentations / Workshops. 
In Athens 9,10 Feb. Details here 

****  "DEMIURGIA", a performance fruit of collaboration between Sergey Sozin (instrumentalist and Narrator) and Stamatis Efstathiou (Director and performer), about the creation of the world. Based on ancient myths of different traditions. After  SAINT PETERSBURG, BELARUS and ATHENS, in Moscow (29/4/2018), again in St Petersburg (13/4/2018)  and in Corfu (21/6/2018). Details to be announced


 *** A recent text written by Stamatis Efstathiou > 

"THE CREATOR" (In Greek, English, Russian, Spanish)

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